May 5th, 2020

The Honor 6X is easily one of the best deals you can get for a smartphone. Not only does it offer a good amount of hardware for the money, it’s practically packed to the brim with software features. Like the 5X before it, the Honor 6X is all Huawei. That means you’ll need to learn the special version of Android it’s running, a little something Huawei calls EMUI. If you’re new to Huawei or Honor devices — don’t worry. This incredibly massive list of tips and tricks will help you get well acquainted with some of the best software features the Honor 6X has to offer.

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Huawei is actually one of the first Android manufacturers to pioneer the use of gestures using the fingerprint sensor on their devices. Like the honor 5X before it, the Honor 6X also features a variety of shortcuts and gestures and you can find them in the Settings > Fingerprint ID.

The main categories are a touch and hold gesture for things like taking a photo/video while in the camera app, answering a call when the phone rings, or stopping the alarm when it goes off. There are also slide gestures that can be activated by swiping a finger over the fingerprint sensor and activates functions like pulling down the notification panel by swiping down, or browsing photos by swiping left/right.

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