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Online gambling is one of the fastest growing industries in the world right now, accounting for billions and billions in annual revenues. Mobile gambling is the main driving factor behind the growth and popularity of this industry with most players preferring to gamble on their phone rather than visiting a land-based casino or playing on desktop.

With the significant financial rewards on offer to companies that provide decent mobile casino games, it is no wonder that there are so many on the market right now. For customers it can be tricky to find a solid provider with such a plethora of options to choose from.

That’s one of the reasons behind the rise of sites like scams.info, an aggregator service that provides users with details of the best mobile casino games, safest providers and the best offers.

Placing highly on these type of aggregator sites is key to the future profitability and growth of aspiring mobile casino companies. So just how do these sites ensure that they fare well in the eyes of these sites and their customers? Read on to find out.

Welcome Offers

Opening a mobile casino and advertising ‘great games’ to customers in the current market is about as futile as Abe Simpson yelling at a cloud. Every provider advertises ‘great games’ to potential customers, so bragging about them isn’t going to make a company stand-out.

The key to attracting new customers is the allure of attractive welcome offers and playing bonuses. Every reliable aggregator site welcomes offers higher than other variables in their mobile casino comparisons.

For the consumer, these offers often take precedence over almost everything when they are seeking out a new company to play with. The better the offer, the more likely new customers are to download an app and sign-up.

If you’re keen on shopping around, make sure you do your due diligence and don’t jump at the first offer you see. It’s not unusual to find offers that go into three figures if you look a little harder than normal.

Trust & Customer Care

When you play poker or blackjack on a mobile casino app you can quickly forget that you are playing with real money. As playing involves depositing and withdrawing cash, you need to be able to trust the company that you are playing with.

Responsible gamblers should be aware of their provider’s gambling license, their website encryption software and the trustworthiness of their payment methods. 

At the end of the day, players entrust these companies with their money, so in return they need to know that their cash, along with their personal details are in good hands.

EVERY mobile casino should be fully licensed and regulated in the country that you download it. For example, the Gambling Commission is the authority in the UK. This means that the company is duty-bound to abide by gambling laws and guidance relating to fair practice in your country.

In addition to this, their payment methods should not be only safe and secure but also streamlined for quick processing. Customers do not want to have to wait for days and days to withdraw their winnings.

Once again, these factors are all covered by aggregator sites that use a mixture of official data and customer feedback to provide individual companies with their respective ‘trust rating’.

Gaming Variety

As is the case with land-based casinos, slot machines are the beating heart of every mobile casino app on the market. Poker, blackjack and roulette may be more glamorous and attention-grabbing, but they provide nowhere near the amount of revenues as slot games.

When it comes to attracting customers it tends to be a case of quantity over quality, especially with regards to slots. Of course, a world class slot game will be successful, but it won’t keep customers streaming through the virtual doors.

Some of the very best mobile casino apps have thousands of slots for their customers to choose from, including the latest releases. In order to stand out from the crowd, providers need to strive for greater choice.

Like all mobile games, quality, whilst important should be focused more on engaging games that are likely to keep players playing for extended periods like poker.


It can take years to apply for a gambling licence, design a mobile app and then market it to the masses. It only takes five seconds though for a customer to hover over your app and delete it from their smartphone forever.

On average, smartphone users spend five days determining whether or not to keep an app installed on their phone. After that they will either delete it or save it as one of their favorites. So what is it that makes a user more likely to delete an app?

According to industry research the number one reason that people gave for jettisoning an app was ‘technical reasons’. These complaints ranged from poor user interfaces to volatile technology that consistently crashed.

Mobile casino apps are particularly susceptible to this pitfall. Packing all the necessary technology behind a thriving online casino into a compact app is a tough business, and one that only a few manage.

If you want to avoid finding out for yourself which provider does and doesn’t have technical problems, be sure to check the reviews on aggregator sites and avoid the apps with repeated mentions of ‘glitches’ and ‘freezes’ from disgruntled customers.


Online gambling is a lucrative industry, but making money in a crowded market is not an easy ask for budding providers. Excellent games and a great variety will only get companies so far.

In order to compete and attract customers, providers must pay careful attention to all of the aforementioned criteria. If they don’t, their time in the industry will be short and not particularly sweet.

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