Don’t Just Sell Your Phone to Make Money—USE it to Make Money


If you’re desperate for a bit of money and have a smartphone, you might think your only option is to sell it. While you can get a fair bit of money for your phone, this isn’t the best way to go about things. After all, phones might be expensive, but you might still be paying for it with a monthly contract. You might also need your phone for communication and connectivity options. That’s why we wouldn’t recommend selling your phone.

You might think the next option is pawning it. This isn’t recommended either. You’ll end up paying more, and what if you miss the buyback period? You’ll also need your phone in the meantime as well.

So you’ve got your phone, and you want to make a bit of money. What options do you have? Thankfully, there are a few. Some might only make you a bit of money, while others could be viable long term options. Let’s have a look.

One option is gambling. This is risky but could pay off especially when you use free bet and bonus offers. Smartphones work really well with gambling sites, especially the Betwinner app. While you could get a big win with a bonus offer, gambling is probably more for fun and when you have money to spend rather than when you’re desperate for cash. So what other options are there?

You could look at selling some items. No, not your phone! Remember, we decided that wasn’t a good option. However, you might have other junk lying around you no longer need. There might be a market for it on eBay since there’s a market for almost anything on there.

If you’re good at crafts and making things, you could try selling on Etsy. It’s easy to sign up for an account and administer with your phone. You can also use it to quickly snap pics of your items and upload them. Administration like this is a lot easier on a phone sometimes.

If you have a high demand skill, like coding or graphic design, you could freelance on sites like Guru. There’s one issue here. It’s quite hard to do graphic design on a mobile device. However, you can use your phone to sign up and apply for jobs, and then move to a traditional computer when you receive the work.

If you want work you can actually do with your phone, you might choose customer service or live chat roles. It’s easy to do these with a smartphone.

To really make money with your phone, you might want to come up with a mobile app. This isn’t easy, and you’ll probably need a computer for some of the coding. Coding isn’t easy on a phone. You’ll also need to know what you’re doing.

These options can be hard to choose from. If you want something easy, you might want to look at surveys or cashback offers. These won’t make you a lot of money, but anyone can do them with a phone and they can make you a bit back.

More and more people are finding that their phones can help them make money. And no, NOT by selling them. Keep your phone, and make money on it instead. Which of these options do you think might work for you? There are other ideas out there as well, but these are just a start.

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