This coronavirus app lets you keep track of the virus outbreak


The coronavirus is a huge problem for the entire world. This is because despite the best efforts of governments to contain the virus, it seems to be spreading. This has led to many events getting cancelled, such as MWC 2020 and Google I/O 2020. In fact, there are even talks that the Tokyo Olympics 2020 could potentially be cancelled or rescheduled as a result.

For those who want to stay on top of things, there is an app rather aptly named The Coronavirus App. This is a web app that can be accessed not just on your desktop, but also  your mobile device. It shows a map of all the countries around the world that have been affected by the virus.

It also shows the reported number of cases per country, thus letting you stay up to date on the outbreak. If you are planning on traveling, you can also use this app to check if the destination you’re heading to has any outbreaks, and how many cases there are. It also shows how many patients have since recovered from the disease and how many are currently still hospitalized, and how many deaths (if any).

So far, there have been quite a number of travel advisories where travellers have been cautioned to stay away from certain countries that are experiencing a high number of outbreaks and cases, such as China, Korea, and Italy, just to name a few. It is a pretty useful app so head on over to its website if you’d like to check it out.

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