Feb 13th, 2020

Is there a difference between playing slots on Android vs iOS? We are here to investigate.

There are 3 different types of online slots you can play on either Android or iOS:

On both the Play Store and the iOS app store you’ll notice plenty of freemium slots apps. These are apps where you can play and win ‘play money.’ If you run out of chips you can purchase microtransactions to load up more. Do beware that these don’t require the same stringent rules as real slots (like at the casino) such as random number generation, fixed overall return to player rates, etc.

Also on both app stores, plus on websites you’ll find real money slots apps, which may or may not be available through your Android or iOS device, depending on the region you are playing in. Sometimes you’ll need to get around the store and install directly on your Android, which is generally impossible on iPhone without a jailbreak. These are available as the casinos have registered in the relevant jurisdiction, which also means that they need to abide by fair play rules – these slots will play just like the ones in the casino. 

The third type of slots game is a browser-based game, usually in HTML5. These can be either free, freemium, or available via a registered casino house.

The advantages of playing freemium on Android

After comparing play with a number of different slots apps on both Android and iOS, the UI of the Android apps often had more interesting elements or seemed more ‘modern’ plus had slightly different features and gameplay. 

This may be because more people own Android devices around the world than iOS devices, so more effort is put into development. The same freemium games are available throughout many jurisdictions.

The advantages of Android-native real money slots

Playing real-money slots on Android via native apps is a bit more tricky to tell the differences from iOS. But hey, load these on your Android device and savor the difference. Play against your friends with an iPhone and see the experience you get versus them.

So, we’re a little bit biased, but hey. Android always wins if you ask us!

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