Feb 6th, 2020

The Moto Razr is the latest foldable phone on the market, undercutting the Galaxy Fold while simultaneously providing a much more interesting design. Not only is it easily pocketable and one-handable, but it looks like the classic RAZR that was released almost 16 years ago. The nostalgia factor is strong here.

Building such a device couldn’t have been easy, and thanks to this teardown video by PBKreviews, we can see what’s inside. The paper thin foldable display is mounted to a folding metal frame, while the rest of the parts are attached to the back of the two halves. There are two tiny batteries, one on each end, totaling a mere 2,510 mAh of power. Up top is also a small traditional display with a camera below it.

The video even shows the device being reassembled. While it’s complex, the task doesn’t seem too hard or risky for anyone with experience. But there are a few “gotcha” moments where pulling too hard might snap a ribbon cable and the large amount of screws need to be closely monitored so definitely follow the video closely if you ever need to repair your Moto Razr. Or you might be better off sending it off to someone to get it repaired.

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