5 Popular Apps that Positively Affect Student Learning


Technological developments have impacted many different sectors as far as AI and Machine Learning is concerned. The educational industry wasn’t secluded in this technological revolution and there are apps that promote student learning. They cater to different age groups and some of them are powered by the popular AI technology. 

These apps have improved the way students receive instruction and are very effective in doing so. Teachers have adopted their use in classrooms and the results have been amazing. What are these apps? 

Here are 5 of the best educational apps that positively affect student learning.

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Seesaw is one of the best educational apps that includes parents in their students’ learning. The app sends important updated and messages to parents about their students learning and progression. 

That will promote learning because when parents recognize that their children are doing, they will encourage them and that will motivate them. Some parents are usually busy even for an open night with the teacher of their children and this app bridges that gap. 

Through direct communication with the teacher, parents can know exactly how their child is doing. The communication link is very private and discreet because you can only view your child’s work. When helping your child develop and grow, at some point, you might realize you need term paper writing service. Online writers can help you in such a scenario perfectly.  


Kahoot is also on the list of the best learning apps that you can use on mobile devices and desktop. If you are choosing the right apps for the development of your child, choosing this one is a great decision. It is a game-based learning app that helps students learn through fun and engaging games. 

It is widely being used in certain schools and educational institutions all around the world to teach younger children. In 2017, this app had about 50 million users that were active monthly. 

You don’t have to register to use this app to partake in quizzes but to create them, you need to be registered. It has multiple choice quizzes that can be accessed using the mobile app or through a web browser on any device with an internet connection.

Google Classroom 

Google Classroom is a top educational app that can be used by teachers to streamline all of their tasks in one tool. They can manage the coursework that they are handling and see what else is left to do. Teachers also can distribute assignments and other school work using this platform. The best part is that they can also grade them and send feedback. Basically, it is a virtual classroom, but it doesn’t only benefit teachers only but also students. 

They can log in from anywhere at any time and get to see the assignments due. With this system, no one can blame the teacher for not hearing her scream the due date for the work. 

Also, students can get genuine feedback from their teachers and since it will be noted down, they can get to improve on those points. And if you feel that you are struggling with assignments and not able to come up with quality writing work, use Edubirdie. The writers there can handle the writing work for you and deliver it in a quick time. 

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Classdojo also falls under the list of top learning apps that connect students and their parents. It is currently being used in 95% of the schools in the U.S and helps students with the task of relating how their day at school was. 

Using this app, teachers can offer students encouragement on improving on certain matters or skills. Students can also share their learning experience and showcase their achievements by adding pictures of their class in their portfolio. 

Parents can live the moment by viewing those pictures and their children’s portfolios and get to keep up with their students’ learning. Another interesting feature of ClassDojo is that it translates messages to more than 30 languages. Teachers can also group students randomly using their ClassDojo Toolkit for group projects.


Edmodo is another app that streamlines the activities of running a classroom efficiently and makes the material accessible to students. It saves the time of teachers and benefits students receive more time getting instruction from them. 

On the other hand, this digital platform makes a student more confident and learn what it means to be part of the digital world. Parents also receive timely updates from the teachers and that helps lay a basis for what they need to teach at home. 

The bottom line

These apps make studying for students easier by unburdening teachers from extensive admin work and tracking the coursework. Also, students can improve when parents know exactly what is going on at school, that will help them understand where they need to focus more when supporting their children. 

Downloading these apps and implementing them in the classroom will positively affect students. Some of these apps also promote students learning to be digital citizens. Game-based learning is also a very effective way of engaging students to be able to understand some of the concepts they need to grasp easier. Technology has really revolutionized learning and only time will tell what it holds for this industry.

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