Huawei P40 Pro could come in a ceramic finish


The majority of smartphones these days are built using a combination of plastic, glass, and metal. Huawei could be looking to break the mold because according to a tweet by Evan Blass (whose account has been made private), apparently Huawei is planning on creating a Premium Edition of the upcoming P40 Pro that could come in a ceramic finish.

The idea of combining ceramics with our electronics isn’t new and Huawei would definitely not be the first to think of it. There are several benefits to using ceramic instead of your usual glass or metal. For starters, ceramic allows radio waves to pass through it meaning that you don’t need antenna cutouts compared to if you were using a metal body.

It also stays cool due to it being non-conductive, so your phone won’t feel hot in your hands after extended periods of time, plus they look and feel good to the touch. The downside is that they can be more brittle compared to glass or metal, and it can also be slippery, so those are some of the things to think about.

Companies such as Apple have also dabbled in ceramics in the past with the Apple Watch Edition, so like we said, Huawei would definitely not be the first. We’re not sure how much this “Premium Edition” will cost, but it could be worth keeping an eye out for.

Source: XDA Developers

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