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When you search for a phone monitoring solution on the internet, you often find Spyier taking the top spot in most places and aspects. Therefore, many people wonder if Spyier is actually worth it.

It is important to find out if Spyier can do all that it claims since it offers such unimaginable and cool features. This is why, after careful research, this article has been written to give you a detailed overview of Spyier.

You can find out all there is to know about Spyier, it’s features, and how it scores in every aspect.

Spyier Overview

Before we find out how good Spyier is at what it does, let us know what Spyier actually does and what it is.

Spyier is a web service that is designed to keep an eye on the other user’s data. The data includes everything from their call logs, messages, social media, and so much more.

It is one of the biggest names in the world when one is looking for a good phone spying solution. This is because it offers you the best features of the best phone monitoring tools, minus their flaws.

Spyier’s Design

Spyier’s way of functioning is what makes it the best phone spy app you will find on the internet. Here are a few of its design features:

Web-Based Service

You do not need to download any app on your phone or PC in order to use Spyier. You can use it from a web-based interface that opens in any web browser of your choice. This keeps the app portable as well as safe.

No Root or Jailbreak Needed

You won’t have to root or jailbreak the target device in order to use Spyier. Since rooting or jailbreaking compromises with the device’s integrity, voids any warranty, and makes it prone to external threats, this gives Spyier a huge advantage over other phone monitoring tools.

Easy Accessible Tabs

Spyier’s features are available as dedicated tabs on the left-hand side of the dashboard. You can use any feature just by clicking its tab on the left. Therefore, you won’t have to spend hours trying to figure out how it works. Using Spyier is very easy and very simple.

Data Security

Coming to its architecture, Spyier employs top-notch security measures and encryption protocols in the world. Further, it doesn’t store any of your private data on its servers. The data is available only on your web browser screen. Therefore, there is 100% data security.

These design features when combined make an app that is simple, easy, and secure. Therefore, in this regard, Spyier takes our mind away for sure.

Spyier Stealth Mode

When you are monitoring someone’s phone, the most important part is that you never get caught doing it. The other person shouldn’t know you are keeping an eye on them. However, most phone monitoring solutions do not keep this into account, except Spyier.

Spyier has a unique stealth mode that makes sure that it is completely hidden, no matter if you are monitoring an iOS device or an Android one. Here is how that happens:

When it comes to monitoring an iOS device (such as iPhone), Spyier can monitor it without you having to access the phone even once. The iPhone could be in a whole other part of the world and yet Spyier will give you its data.

This is because all iPhones come with the iCloud backup feature on them. Therefore, the data of an iPhone gets synced to the iCloud server automatically.

Spyier utilizes this backup to extract valuable information about the other device. You just have to verify the iCloud credentials of the device with Spyier.

When it comes to monitoring an Android device, any phone monitoring application requires at least a one time access to the target phone. This is because to monitor an Android phone, you need to install the monitoring app on the phone itself.

Spyier realizes this and it has designed its Android installation app in a unique way. To start with, the app size is less than 2 MB and it installs within a few seconds.

Once installed, the app icon will vanish from the app menu of the target phone. Only you can launch the Spyier app on their phone with a secret code (which will only be known to you).

The app will run in the background of the other phone without triggering any notifications. It is designed to not consume any battery as well.

And when you feel like you have to uninstall the app, you don’t have to wait to access their phone. You can uninstall the app with a single click from the Spyier dashboard, which opens in any web browser of your choice.

**It is important to note that when you are monitoring an Android smartphone, it is compulsory to install a phone spying app on the phone itself. Therefore, a one-time access to the target phone is mandatory.

If any app claims to monitor an Android phone without touching it even once, you shouldn’t trust that app as it is making a false claim. It might steal your financial credentials or personal data.**

Therefore, when you use Spyier, there is no chance that the other user will detect your presence in their phone. You just need to be sure that you don’t reveal it to them yourself.

Spyier- Step by Step Usage Guide

An important factor while evaluating the ease of usage of an app is how much effort it takes to configure it. In the case of Spyier, you can set it up with these easy three steps:

Step 1: Register for Spyier and get a subscription plan based on the target phone’s operating system- Android or iOS.

Step 2: The configuration process differs for whether you chose an Android device or an iOS one. The setup wizard mentions every instruction. Basically, they include:

a.) If you are monitoring an iOS device, just verify the iCloud credentials of the target device. As mentioned before, you won’t have to access the device itself.

b.) If you are monitoring an Android device, you can install Spyier’s Android app on the target phone through the link mentioned in the setup wizard. As mentioned before, this app is completely hidden and you will never get caught using it.

Step 3: The configuration process completes and you can click on ‘Start’ to begin monitoring the device. You will be taken to your dashboard.

You can now access all the data that you need of the target phone. You can monitor all of Spyier’s features from here. There is nothing more needed. It is as easy as promised.

Spyer Features

There are over 35 features that you get with a Spyier subscription. When it comes to phone monitoring, you are going to need each one of these features, nothing more nothing less.

Some of its features include (but are not limited to):

Social Media Monitoring:

Social Media monitoring module of Spyier has dedicated tabs for every Social media platform one can possibly use, including Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, and more. You will know about their messages and even the pictures and videos that they share.

Call Monitor

Call monitor module keeps track of all the calls that are made and received by the user. You can even record someone’s phone calls if you wish.


One of the best features of Spyier, Keylogger keeps track of every keystroke made by the user. This includes their messages, web searches, and even usernames and passwords.

Browser Monitor

You can check the history of all the websites that the user has visited. You also have the power to block their access to any particular website of your choice.

Location Monitor

The location monitor feature gives you 24×7 live location of the other user. You can also set location boundaries for them. Spyier gives you an alert if they cross these boundaries.

There are many more features to use with Spyier. Spyier gives you the freedom to glance its features through its free web demo, which works without any registration or app download. This is another point in its favor.

Spyier Use Cases

There are many ways in which one can use Spyier given the array of features that Spyier has and its unique design. Some of these use cases include:

Parental Monitoring

You can use Spyier to keep an eye on your children. Given the scary and negative phenomena that are spreading through the instance (take the blue whale phenomenon for instance), it is important to ensure that your children are not taking part in such activities.

Spyier lets you know who your children are talking to. You can now make sure that they aren’t talking to someone that they shouldn’t. In fact, you can even view the apps that your child has installed on their phone and restrict their access to any of these apps with Spyier.

Catching a Cheater

The Internet is the most common way through which people cheat in relationships. Spyier keeps an eye on the other person’s activities and lets you know if they are cheating on you. Through their phone data, your suspicions will be cleared if they aren’t cheating on you as well.

Employee Tracker

If you have people working under you and you want to make sure their mind is on their job,  you can use Spyier. Spyier’s features will let you know what they are doing in work hours. After all,  you don’t want your employees wasting time chatting on Facebook when they should actually be working.

It can be used in a lot of other scenarios as well. You should figure out if Spyier can do something for you, and then you can go ahead and feel free to use it. So far, we have nothing that would give us a negative trigger about Spyier.


Spyier’s User Support

No matter how good an app is, users can still have issues at times about one thing or the other. Every app or web service should have a team that can handle these queries of the users.

Spyier fares very well in this regard due to its 24×7 user support team. No matter at what time of day you face a problem, its user support team will be there to help you with that.

The user support can be contacted at: support@spyier.com

Spyier’s Pricing

As you can see, Spyier is a combination of many cool things and unique offerings. Seeing that it stands out way over than any other phone monitoring solution, one expects a high price from Spyier.

However, Spyier’s subscriptions are so cheap that anyone and everyone can afford it. The subscription plans for Spyier start as low as $10, which is astonishing. Therefore, Spyier’s price can be considered as another feather in its cap.


Spyier doesn’t disappoint you in any regard, no matter which way you look at it. It is the best phone monitoring app and unparalleled in terms of security. If you were confused about using it, I would give you a green light to go ahead and start already. You won’t be disappointed.

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