Jan 5th, 2020

Smart displays are usually marketed for homes, where the display can act as a tool to allow users to see who’s at the front door (when coupled with a smart doorbell), or to see security camera footage, or to watch videos while the user cooks in the kitchen, or when making video calls.

If you think that your office could benefit from having a smart display, then you might be pleased to learn that Lenovo has announced the ThinkSmart View. This is the company’s latest smart display that has been created with enterprise users in mind, or more specifically, for those who use Microsoft Teams and need to make video or audio calls to each other.

Lenovo is no stranger to the smart display game but like we said, this one seems to be created with office users in mind. The ThinkSmart View will be priced at $349 by itself, but for those who work in an open office space and don’t want the noise to distract other co-workers not part of the meetings, there will be a version sold at $449 which comes with a pair of Bluetooth headphones.

While $349 isn’t exactly cheap, it is a lot more affordable compared to Lenovo’s ThinkSmart Hub 500 which launched last year for $1,800, making it ideal for startups or smaller offices that don’t see the need to invest so much money in a smart video conferencing solution.

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