Insane Pixel 3a discount drops it lower than it’s ever been


The Google Pixel 3a is a real standout device. Google decided to build a mid-range phone with some high end features, and despite some of the specs taking a major hit, the end result was a solid and quick device that didn’t really feel all that mid-range. And best of all, the camera absolutely rocks.

On top of that you get the latest version of Android with the Pixel experience, adding features no other stock Android device has. Google even throws in feature updates once in a while, adding Pixel-specific features like Live Caption and Astrophotography.

The device is worth its retail price at $400, and it often goes on sale at just $300. But today it’s at its lowest price I’ve ever seen, going down to just $279.99! Both Just Black and Clearly White are available, but sadly Purple-ish is not. The Pixel 3a XL comes in at $359.99 and is available in all three colors.

The device is shipped and sold by Amazon, so no worries about seller there, and features Prime shipping so it’ll arrive long before Christmas. At this price it’s a great holiday gift for loved ones or a main device for yourself!

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