Samsung claims they’ve sold 1 million Galaxy Fold handsets [Update: maybe not]


Update – Samsung has since denied the 1 million sales figures to Yonhap News. The company also seems to suggest that Sohn, the Samsung exec who had initially revealed the figure, might have confused the company’s initial sales target for the year versus the actual sales figures.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is a bit of an odd device. It was meant to usher in the era of a new smartphone form factor, but quality issues and delays kind of resulted in the hype surrounding the phone to cool down by quite a bit. Combine that with the price tag of $1,800, it did not seem like it would sell too many handsets.

It turns out that maybe we were wrong because according to Samsung, they claim that they have sold 1 million units of the handset to date. This was revealed during TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin where Samsung exec Young Sohn revealed those figures, where he seemed to boast that despite the hefty price tag, many customers were biting. Sohn was quoted as saying:

“And I think that the point is, we’re selling [a] million of these products. There’s a million people that want to use this product at $2,000.”

It’s actually rather impressive that for a product that was clearly aimed at early adopters that it sold as many as it did. We imagine that this was not the same kind of reception Samsung got when they introduced the Galaxy Round, the company’s first smartphone with a curved display.

That being said, we imagine that the success the company has had with the Galaxy Fold will prompt them to release more foldable phones in the future. In fact, a recent rumor has suggested that a clamshell foldable device is expected in February 2020.

Source: TechCrunch

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