New ‘teardown’ skins from dbrand are absolutely amazing


Over the past few years, JerryRigEverything has been showing users what smartphones would look like by removing the film on the glass backs which is found on most smartphones these days. In some cases, the end result is a stunning look through the glass panel at the phone’s internal components which reveal the phone’s battery, wireless charging coil and a whole lot more.

Since removing the glass from the back of your phone and ripping the colored film off is risky and will certainly void your warranty, JerryRigEverything has partnered with dbrand on a new Teardown Skin series for a limited number of phones which shows off the phone’s internals while also delivering protection from scratches and scuffs to the back panel of your phone.

Teardown is the new limited edition drop from dbrand and JerryRigEverything. It’s kind of like having a transparent back for your phone, but you get to keep your warranty. Teardown is available for just one week, starting on December 2.

Picture the most advanced scanner in the world. We used that one. It ended up producing internal scans that were literally too detailed for general use — which is exactly how we wanted them. The result? Every single Teardown skin is guaranteed to be a 99% accurate representation of your device’s internals. As for that other 1%… how good are you at Where’s Waldo?

As you can see from the images, the results are phenomenal! The Teardown skins cost $19.95 and are available for roughly two dozen different smartphones from Samsung, Google, Apple and OnePlus, along with the Nintendo Switch. The only downside is that dbrand is only offering a limited one-week production run which started on December 2nd. If you want to order a dbrand Teardown Skin for your smartphone, you’ll need to be quick. If the skin is popular enough, there’s a chance that dbrand will bring it back in the future, but there’s no guarantee.

Source: dbrand

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