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Geozilla’s $50 GPS tracker is a 3G global tracker for your stuff



It’s important to know my loved ones and personal belongings are safe. For the last month I have been testing Geozilla, an app that helps keep track of people, pets and things and I actually love it. Here’s why:

I used to use Google Maps to share locations with family and friends, but since i began using Geozilla I have found everything I need and more inside the app. You can set places to receive notifications that your family have arrived home or at work. It will even alert you when your partner is at the shops to remind you to ask them to pick up some last minute groceries. The app is really easy to use and setup, and is completely free to use which is fantastic. You can of course pay for extra features which are actually really useful such as unlimited circles, scheduled alerts for everyone in your circles, invisible mode in case you need some extra privacy and a whole host of other add-ons.

My primary use for Geozilla is to keep a location of my parents, my partner, caravan and car. Even my luggage when we travel. They all have access to my location too which is great. It’s like our own little private location network. My partner works away from home, often for weeks at a time in remote countryside locations and they like me knowing where they are in case of an emergency. There is even an SOS section on the app that will transmit SMS to dedicated emergency contacts if you are in a tricky or bad situation.

As our parents get older we need to know where they are and if they need help. GeoZilla is around 24/7. You can pair it with an Apple Watch and monitor their location, get notifications whenever they leave home, monitor their Heart Rate (coming soon) through GeoZilla and be alerted in case of emergency. My dad still works as a gardener and landscaper so this is perfect should he be in a situation where he hurts himself and needs assistance. He’s normally always home for 5pm so if time drags on we can check his location and ping him a message to make sure he’s OK.

I don’t have children but If your kids don’t pick up the phone, you can find them through GeoZilla to make sure they are safe. Be in the know if your child gets to school on time with schedule alerts and get emergency notifications if they need help. Initially this might all seem a bit too Orwellian but it’s actually great and installs peace of mind for parents – I am considering one of the Geozilla Trackers to sew into my niece’s school bag. Small and discreet, they stay online for upto 3 days on a full charge and work without any intervention.

The Geozilla tracker is the new addition to the company’s product family. It uses GPS (Global Positioning System) and Cell ID technology with built in eSIM to accurately locate the device. When GeoZilla Tracker receives location updates, it uses the wireless GSM network to transmit coordinates to the GeoZilla app, where you and your family can view the device’s location. It’s as simple as that and it won’t break the bank with plans starting at $4.99/month and $49.99/tracker. Which means you can be up and running for 55 bucks – There are longer term plans if you want to save some dollars over time, check those plans out below.

Here are some quick specifications for the nerds:

  • GSM Platform: MTK6276
  • GPS Platform: MTK3337
  • Bands: GSM GSM 850/ GSM900/ DCS1800/ PCS1900 WCDMA 850/900/1900/2100
  • Sim Card: eSim Included
  • Interface: Android/iOS
  • Dimensions: 47 mm x 41 mm x 17 mm
  • Weight: 30 grams
  • Active battery life: 48-72 hours
  • Stand-by time: More than 144 hours [varies by network]
  • Battery Type Rechargeable: Li-ion 520mAh
  • Functioning temperatures: -20 +60C
  • Wi-Fi: Yes

If I were to sum up my feelings on location tracking, I’d say I was at first I was a little apprehensive. However, once I started exploring the benefits of people I trust knowing where I am and vice versa my loved ones, it was a no brainer. Put simply, it’s the peace of mind that I like – I know where my car is if I leave it somewhere for a few days, likewise my caravan. I can travel and still keep tabs on my family’s safety. It just works well for us. If you decide to give it a try please let me know. I don’t get a kick back from Geozilla so I’m just generally interested in your thoughts about the service.

Geozilla provided me with a free tracker for evaluation, but this hasn’t influenced my honest opinions in this article. I was already using various other trackers and I consider the features included with Geozilla to comfortably separate it from the competition. This article contains links that when clicked will benefit the site and it’s authors.

Darren Millar
30 something, ex-nightclub DJ. Currently loving technology. Smart home builder, Small Japanese car fan. Never owned an iPhone. Cat person.

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