Nov 27th, 2019

Back in September, Google announced the launch of Play Pass. For those unfamiliar, Play Pass is a new subscription service from Google where for a monthly fee of $4.99, Android users will be able to access a bunch of apps, which we suppose you could liken to streaming services such as Netflix.

Given that the service is relatively new, it’s not surprising that the amount of apps part of Play Pass wasn’t a lot, but the good news is that it looks like Google has since added a bunch of new apps to Play Pass – 37 to be exact. This increases the number of overall apps that are available to subscribers and if you aren’t subscribed yet, there could be something in there that might be of interest to you.

The subscription model is one that many companies are starting to hop on board with these days. This is because it is more lucrative as it essentially guarantees developers a steady stream of revenue, versus the ala carte model where once an app is purchased, that’s it. It also encourages developers to constantly keep their apps updated with new features and improvements.

Apple has a similar feature to Play Pass in the form of Apple Arcade, although in that case, it is more focused towards games while Google Play Pass seems to cover all manner of apps, so there is something for everyone.

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