Razer’s Blackwidow Essential mechanical keyboard is now $55


If you’re someone who games a lot or who types a lot, investing in a good keyboard is important. Now, mechanical keyboards can be pretty expensive which might discourage some from buying them, but the good news is that ahead of Black Friday, Razer has discounted its Blackwidow Essential mechanical keyboard by 37%.

What this means is that instead of paying $87 for the keyboard, you would only need to pay a much more affordable $55 for it. The Blackwidow Essential is a full-sized keyboard and comes with a host of gaming features like the ability to bind macros to your keys, save your configurations to the cloud, and more.

There will be different switches for users to choose from, where you can opt for tactile switches or clicky if that’s what you prefer. If you’re interested in getting your hands on the keyboard, then head on over to Amazon to take advantage of the deal before it runs out.

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