5 best smartwatches of 2019


There are many smartwatches in the market today, ranging in both price and design and functionality, so we imagine that it can feel a bit overwhelming if you’re trying to find the perfect wearable for your day to day needs, but here is our list of the top 5 smartwatches for 2019.

Apple Watch Series 5

While we are an Android-focused website, it would be remiss for us to discount the Apple Watch from this list. While not necessarily the cheapest smartwatch in the market today, it comes with a host of functionality that users might appreciate. This includes a built-in heart rate sensor, an ECG monitoring tool (which has since saved the lives of many of its users), fall detection, and with built-in water-resistance, it can be a great companion for when you go swimming.

The downside to the Apple Watch is that it requires you to own an iPhone to pair with it, so if you don’t, then you’d be out of luck.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

When it comes to smartwatches, Samsung is no stranger to the scene and recently, the company took the wraps off their latest wearable in the form of the Galaxy Watch Active 2. Unlike the Apple Watch, Samsung’s smartwatch will actually work with both iOS and Android devices.

It comes with a host of health-tracking features like automatic workout tracking, built-in ECG, and also sleep-tracking. It also has the added benefit of being able to support offline Spotify music storage so you’ll always have music on the device if you don’t want to bring your phone with you.

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Fitbit Versa 2

The problem with a lot of smartwatches these days is that their battery life is still less than ideal, where for the most part, you could get away with 2-3 days of use before needing a recharge. If long battery life is something you value, then this is where Fitbit shines. The company’s Fitbit Versa 2 is rated at 4 days of battery, which should last you quite a while.

It comes with a host of fitness and health-related tracking tools, so if you value those features, then the Fitbit Versa 2 is a great smartwatch for under $200.

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Garmin Vivoactive 3

Turn the clock back 7-8 years ago, Garmin was a pretty big name amongst drivers who wanted a GPS unit in their car, but with our smartphones replacing the need for such devices, Garmin has since transitioned to creating wearables that have been pretty well-received by fitness enthusiasts.

The company’s latest wearable, the Vivoactive 3, has been designed with athletes in mind, where if you’re a person who loves running marathons or a triathlete, then the watch’s fitness and activity tracking tools might come in handy. It also comes with onboard music storage so you can go on a run while keeping your songs on you without the need for a phone.

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Xiaomi Amazfit Bip

The majority of smartwatches are priced over $100 and that’s already being rather conservative. If you are looking for a smartwatch but don’t want to spend too much money, then look no further than Xiaomi’s Amazfit Bip smartwatch. The device is priced at $80 and it comes with all the features and functions one might expect from a smartwatch.

This includes a built-in heart rate sensor, sleeping monitoring, GPS, activity tracking, and according to the company’s claims, a battery life of up to 45 days (your mileage may vary). There are trade-offs for such a cheap smartwatch, like not being able to respond to notifications, but if you don’t need that feature then for $80, the Amazfit Bip is more than good enough to get the job done and then some.

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