Cocospy Review: Read This Before You Commit to a Purchase


Have you heard of phone spy apps? These enormously useful tools share everything happening on the phone on which you install them. People use spy apps to, well, spy on someone. Here are three common ways you can use a spy app: 

  • Keeping an eye on your children. 
  • Keep tabs on your employees. 
  • See if your partner is cheating on you.

Cocospy is a leading spy app and parental control utility. Over a million people from 190+ countries use it. The user base comprises of parents, employers, and even cybersecurity personnel. 

Are you wondering whether Cocospy is legit? Is it worth your time and money? We help you figure it out with this review: 

Cocospy – is Cocospy all that it’s cracked up to be?

To give you some background, Cocospy is an established brand at this point. Its user base is spread out across all five continents. 

The app generally receives a lot of positive reviews and testimonials from its users. The parental control capability, especially, is highly praised.   

Is it all hype or does Cocospy actually deliver? Let’s take a look at the app’s top features: 

The app came with an impressive array of features

We have to admit that Cocospy offers an incredible range of features. It tracks almost everything happening on the target phone: 

  • Read messages: You can read your target’s incoming and outgoing text messages. For iOS devices, Cocospy can also read iMessages. Also, note that Cocospy can also retrieve deleted messages for you. 
  • Check call logs: Who does your target call most often? Cocospy shows you their detailed call logs, with timestamps and contact information. A list of 5 most-popular callers is also shown to you. 
  • View media files: What kind of videos, pictures, and audio clips does the target phone contain? Is the user exchanging media files with their contacts? Cocospy can retrieve this information for you. 
  • See browser history: You can see the target device’s browser history. This includes visited websites, mini website descriptions, timestamps, and most visited websites. If your child is visiting an inappropriate website, you can block access. 
  • Track locations: Cocospy works with the device’s in-built GPS to bring you the device’s exact location. You can also view the device’s location history and get information like addresses and geographical coordinates. 
  • View calendar events: Does the device owner have any special plans for the future, like a business meeting or a travel date? Cocospy can show you all calendar entries. 
  • See SIM card info: You can view the SIM card details. Cocospy retrieves the network carrier information, the IMEI number, and other relevant details. You can sign up to receive a notification if the user changes their number. 
  • Check the contact book: Cocospy gives you a sneak-peek at the target’s contact book. You can view contact names, display pictures, phone numbers, addresses, job info, and much more. 

Installing the app was easy 

Cocospy for iOS is a web-based app, it turns out. You don’t need to install any app to the target device. All you need are the target device’s iCloud credentials. 

Cocospy for Android is a 2MB app. It’s tiny and can be set up in minutes. After you install the app, you have the option to hide it. The user won’t find out – unless you tell them.

Both the iOS and Android versions of Cocospy can be controlled remotely, once installed. You don’t need any technical knowledge to install the app. You just need a computer with a net connection. 

We were provided with clear instructions on how to install Cocospy: 

Step 1: First, you need to sign up for a Cocospy account. Your email ID becomes the username. 

Step 2: Next, you purchase a monthly Cocospy subscription. If you’re spying on a single device, the Premium version is recommended. The Family version of Cocospy is if you want to spy on 3 devices. 

Step 3: Follow the installation instructions that will be emailed to you. Installing the iOS version of Cocospy? You will have to input the target device’s iCloud credentials. Then, wait for Cocospy to sync with the iCloud account. 

Need to spy on an Android device? You will need physical access to the device for 5 minutes. Install a 2MB app on the target device – it takes 5 minutes only. After the installation is done, you can hide the app. 

Step 4: That’s it! Cocospy is now up and running. You can access the control panel from any PC or mobile browser. The dashboard gives you an overview of the device activity. The various monitoring options are in the selection panel to the left. 

You can check more details about Cocospy Android or iPhone Spy here>>

We didn’t need to jailbreak or root  

What we really liked about Cocospy is that we didn’t have to jailbreak or root our target device. We don’t like jailbreaking or rooting. Both processes are complex. They also take a long time to implement. Finally, they can leave the target device open to malware. 

Most other spy apps on the market won’t work without jailbreak or root. Cocospy happens to be amongst the tiny handful of apps that works without either. It was built with the latest technology, according to the developers. 

Cocospy was incredibly stealthy 

With spy apps, it’s key that they remain hidden. If the user finds out that someone is spying on them, they could be very angry. They may lash out. Your relationship with the person may be damaged irreparably. In extreme cases, you could end up in court. 

Fortunately, Cocospy was impossible to detect. The iOS version of Cocospy is a web-based app like we mentioned. There are no app downloads involved. It works completely via the web browser and syncs with the user’s iCloud account. 

Because Cocospy for iOS is an online program, the iPhone or iPad user can’t detect it. Cocospy is able to fetch you regular updates of the target’s activities without any trouble. 

Cocospy for Android is a 2MB app. It’s tiny, so it doesn’t leave much of a trace. After you install the app, you can hide it from both the app drawer and the installed apps list. The user can’t see the app is installed on the device. 

Also, many spy apps will drain the user’s battery or slow the phone down when running. Cocospy won’t do that. It works discreetly in the background without using much system resources. All this makes Cocospy next to impossible to find. 

The keylogger was a welcome addition 

A feature we’d like to highlight is Cocospy’s built-in keylogger. What’s a keylogger? It’s a program that records every keystroke made on the target device. The information is then placed in a log file for later reading. 

Why is this relevant? You can see everything the user types on their device. This could potentially be their user names as well as passwords for their email addresses as well as social media profiles. 

Here’s an overview of the information Cocospy’s keylogger can potentially retrieve for you: 

  • Login credentials: As we mention above, Cocospy can potentially log someone’s username and password.  
  • MS Office: If someone is using MS Office applications like Word or PowerPoint, Cocospy can log their words. 
  • Internet searches: Cocospy can show you the user’s Google search details.  
  • Notes: Is the user saving some information on a note-taking app like Evernote, Samsung Notes, or Google Keep? The app shows it to you. 
  • Emails: You can view any emails the user has typed into popular email apps like Gmail. 
  • Comments: Any comments the user makes on video sharing websites like YouTube will be logged. 

We like that Cocospy is priced so reasonably 

Many spy apps on the market are enormously expensive. The work, but they will drain your wallet dry in no time. 

We like that Cocospy is so economical in comparison. The app only costs about as much as your lunch sandwich. In return, you can spy on any device for an entire month. 

You also get a private account on their server which maintains an archive of the information you get from the device. 

Want to try Cocospy for yourself? Here’s a free live demo

Conclusion – Is Cocospy the new gold standard of spy apps? 

Cocospy does what it’s supposed to do extremely well – it can spy on any Android and iOS phone. The app offers a great feature-set, it’s discreet, works without jailbreak or root, and is priced very reasonably. 

We can think of no reason not to recommend this app. In fact, we encourage you to give Cocospy a shot. 

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