Oct 18th, 2019

At its usual price, the OnePlys 7 offer incredible value for what you pay, but thanks to a new discount and exclusive promo code, the phone is now $280 cheaper! The device in question is the 8GB OnePlus 7 which includes 256GB of storage. When using promo code GBOP7GSBW at checkout, the OnePlus 7 will only cost $347.99, compared to the €609 ($678 USD) Oneplus charges for the phone over in Europe. The deal also includes free international shipping, so you will not be missing out no matter where you live on the globe.

This year, OnePlus really stepped up its game, delivering flagship-tier devices with a lot fewer compromises than they have in the past. The performance offered by the OnePlus 7 is better than most $1,000 smartphones and the camera performance is much better than what OnePlus has been able to pull off on previous devices. We do wish that wireless charging was included, but that’s an easy fix.

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