Sep 12th, 2019

Computers were once the best, most sought-after technology of our age, especially among gamers. But times have changed again and convenience is now as much of a priority as performance. Smaller screens are easier to handle, while developers unsure their graphics and specs are no less impressive than a PC. It’s no surprise then that Android devices, be they smartphone or tablet, have surged in popularity since their introduction into the video game market. This, in turn, has experienced its own shifts in trends with online gaming dominating other genres because of its social spirit and sheer variety of titles. Android users have certainly contributed to its booming market, while enjoying the freedom of choice each and every one of them is given. There’s something for everyone and here are some examples of just what that means.

Android Gaming Statistics 

Let’s begin with some interesting facts gathered by TechJury that should draw a more precise picture:

  • 78% of mobile gamers use Android devices.
  • Pokémon GO reached $1.4 million in daily revenue, while Candy Crush came third with $1.1 million behind Fortnite’s $1.3 million.
  • Puzzle games have seen a 34% increase in profits since 2017. 
  • 62% of new phone owners install a game within a week.


Video games were always one of people’s most beloved pastimes, but mobile technology has propelled the industry to new heights. It’s safe to say that consumers are appreciating every fun opportunity creators give them, forming a diverse community of gamers with different tastes and reasons for playing.


Judging by the options listed on Digital Trends, they can range from basic arcade to the extraordinary likes of Elder Scrolls: Blades (2019). Any gamer worth their salts recognizes the franchise for its vast and beautiful open worlds, intricate character development and immersive storylines. This is all now available on Android devices with additional city-building and multiplayer PvP features. While you’d expect a much higher score than 4.2 on Google Play, a result of minor glitches and required transactions typical of mobile games, the title still ranks among the best entertainment you can get on Android.


The plethora of games already making a splash found themselves in 2018 competing against Fortnite: Battle Royale for mobile. As long as your Android device meets the requirements, you can download the title from the Epic Games website or via the Game Launcher app on Samsung phones. The installation process is unusual and the adaptation to mobile platforms noted for a few issues, such as in-game purchases, tricky handling, and less striking sensory stimulation than the PC version. Nevertheless, players can still eliminate their opponents in their own unique ways, which will surely improve as the game upgrades from beta form.


This genre can encompass many different skills needed to succeed. Strategic thinking, real-time battles, stronghold and character building, puzzle-solving and more. A good example of an Android game that uses all these features is Dawn of Titans (2015). AppGrooves highlights the quality of its graphics, but what should also be praised is the fact that you can control and equip giant warriors, like Thor or Artemis, as well as your armies. Apart from managing, expanding and defending your kingdom, special quests, campaigns and events are provided to further sharpen your wits and reflexes. Mobile gaming doesn’t just entertain. It can develop significant mental and physical skills. 


While exploring the great selection of mobile platformer games, you’ll now come across a rather unique gem only recognizable by those familiar with YouTube and its stars. As a hilarious addition to his repertoire of products, PewDiePie released the Legend of Brofist in 2015 to garner a well-deserved 4.8 score. It features a pixelated figure of him collecting brocoins for new skills and characters, including other famous YouTubers, on 2D platformer levels of increasing difficulty. Save fans from epic bosses and invite Facebook friends to beat your scores. Full of fun, flair and pop culture references, this is a game dedicated to the 21st century that mustn’t be excluded from your Android playing list.


Casino games make up a large part of the online entertainment market. Slots are particular favorites among gamers because of their simplicity, but also the care with which developers have designed them for maximum ease and thrill. Their adaptation to mobile gaming could not have been smoother – little but powerful sources of amusement to fit in your hands. Simba Slots is an online casino and one of the many recommended casinos on large affiliate sites such as BingoPort, offering titles like Jumanji and Safari King that incorporate cinema themes into their reel-based gameplay. The free spin incentives become secondary to the exciting escape slot games can be, their graphics rivaling some of the best mobile gaming titles on the market.


Last but not least, consumers seem to respond quite well to games of the spot the difference, room escape or actual puzzle range. Perhaps it’s an instinctual desire to put your brain to work. What matters is developers have already made good, creative use of this genre with titles like The Eyes of Ara (2016) standing out for the amount of thought and detail that have gone into them. Its richly atmospheric 3D setting is a definite throwback to Myst (1993) and Riven (1997), complete with clues, puzzles and secrets easily missed if you don’t pay attention, open your eyes and ears to every stimulus. Regardless of the size of your Android screen, 100 Stones Interactive ensure a quality experience.

All these patterns point towards the existence of two types of gamers: active and casual. Both consist of mobile users with a liking for Android products and who, firstly, need entertainment in their lives and, secondly, have a positive response to well-designed, popularised video games. The array of genres and exemplary titles detailed throughout this article is evidence that providers of all things related to mobile gaming have heard the public’s cry. From funny or action-packed adventures to quiet activities that put your mind and observation skills to the test, Google has its loyal gamers blissfully covered.

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