Lenovo Smart Tab M8 hands-on: the future of tablets


Android tablets have been around for years. There have always been compelling reasons why people should buy them, but as we all know, tablets get used far less than our smartphones and often end up stashed away under the couch or bed after we use them, leaving us frustrated with low or dead batteries when we come back 2 days later when we want to catch up on our favorite show.

By standard definitions, the hardware of the new Lenovo Smart Tab M8 is under specced and unassuming. Incomes with an 8-ich 1280 x 800 display, quad-core MediaTek A22 processor, 2GB of RAM,  16GB/32GB of storage, a medium-sized 5,000mAH battery, 5MP main camera and 2MP front-facing camera. The good news is that the Lenovo Smart Tab M8 comes with a reasonably low sticker price of $120.

There are a few great tablet options priced between $100-$120, but the Lenovo Smart Tab M8 has one feature which makes it the most compelling budget tablet we’ve seen in a long time. Like the Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab, Lenovo has partnered with Google to transform the Smart Tab M8 into a Google Assistant Smart Display when it’s placed on its included charging dock. The concept is simple, the Lenovo Smart Tab M8 is a budget-friendly tablet meant for browsing the web and watching videos on Netflix or YouTube a few hours a week, but its main function will that of a smart display, answering all of your voice queries about the weather, your calendar, random questions about celebrities or even pulling up your Nest security camera feed when your Amazon package shows up at the front door.

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The included charging dock also ensures that the Lenovo Smart Tab M8’s battery is always topped off every time you want to use the tablet for anything else. Pairig a tablet with a charging dock isn’t necessarily a new concept, but allowing it to transform into a second device while it’s docked is something that should be built into every Android tablet going forward.

Lenovo delivered similar functionality in the larger Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab, but if you’re simply looking for an extra tablet for the living room or kitchen counter, you could actually buy two Lenovo Smart Tab M8s for the price of one Yoga Smart Tab. Lenovo plans to start selling the Smart Tab M8 in October which should make it a hot item for the upcoming holiday shopping season.

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