Aug 28th, 2019

Google Assistant is a wonderful feature to have, but it really gets on the nerves once in a while. Whether you’re trying to change a reminder with the new UI that blabbers on, or you want to quickly do a voice command without the phone replying just a little too loud, having it respond isn’t always ideal.

Thankfully Google has fixed this “issue” with a new setting courtesy of an update. You can make the Google Assistant stay silent on your phone if you manually trigger it. If you’re using the hands free voice trigger, it’ll still respond.

Open up Google Assistant and hit the compass icon in the bottom right corner. Then hit your profile photo, Settings, press the Assistant tab, select Phone, and change the “Speech output” setting to “Hands-free only.” This will keep Google Assistant silent when you don’t want it talking, while keep it functioning as normal when you need to talk to it hands-free.

As someone who uses Google Assistant a lot without needing a response every time, this is a massive improvement in the function of my favorite virtual assistant. If you’re anything like me, go change the setting and enjoy some well earned silence!

Source: Google

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