Aug 5th, 2019

The Google Assistant has recently received an update which allows the “read my messages” feature to work with third-party messaging platforms. In the past, asking the Google Assistant to “read my messages” would allow the service to read unread messages from your default SMS app and Hangouts, giving you the opportunity to type or dictate a reply as well. Now, Google Assistant can seemingly do the same for a wide selecting of third-party messaging apps, including WhatsApp, Telegram, Slack, Discord, GroupMe and more. Google hasn’t released a full list of supported apps, but we suspect that all the major players are supported. 

The added support for third-party messaging platforms to Google Assistant is likely in preparation for the new Google Assistant Driving Mode which will replace the standalone Android Auto feature for those who do not connect their device to a head unit while in their car. The upcoming Google Assistant Driving Mode will give immediate access to more relevant content like directions to their next calendar appointment, the people you call or message the most and even the recent media you were playing weather that was a podcast or music from your favorite streaming app. Integrating messages from the most popular platforms seels like a requirement if Google really wants the Assistant to be front and center in your car.

Check out the demo below from Google I/O 2019 to see what the Google Assistant Drive Mode will offer.


Source: Android Police


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