The T-Mobile/Sprint merger may finally usher in the era of the eSIM


SIM cards have allowed users to easily change service providers or phones for years, but the newer eSIM technology, which has been around for about half a decade already, was expected to make things a lot easier while eliminating the need to purchase and swap out a physical SIM card.

While uptake of the new technology has been quite slow, the newly-approved merger between T-Mobile and Sprint may finally be the tipping point which would bring eSIM into the forefront. As part of the merger approval, the DOJ will require T-Mobile to support eSIM to facilitate the switching between wireless service providers. Since Dish will be acquiring select T-Mobile and Sprint assets which will allow it to become the nation’s 4th largest service provider, Dish will also be required to support eSIM as well.

The remedy also facilitates consumers’ ability to easily switch between wireless providers by requiring the new T-Mobile and the new Dish service to support eSIM, electronic SIM, technology. This requirement will make it easier for Dish to attract new subscribers, help extend the competition in this market, and will provide a platform for new innovative options.

Sadly in the United States, eSIM has not been widely adopted in mobile wireless like it is in Europe and others. And that’s an area separate of this merger we have looked to. This will revolutionize the use eSIMs in hopefully all carriers, because once consumers have it, they’ll benefit from it.

Forcing T-Mobile and Dish to use eSIM technology in their new phones may ultimately lead other service providers to jump on board with the new technology as well. Ultimately, eSIM adoption will result in how smartphones are designed since they will no longer require the SIM card slot, saving room inside the devices to be used for larger batteries or other components.

Source: The Verge

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