Jul 10th, 2019

The peephole in our doors are an excellent way of seeing who’s on the other side, but there are times when you’re not home and you want to see if anyone could have approached your door, like a delivery person, a friend or family member, or maybe someone trying to break in. That’s where smart doorbell systems come in handy.

If you wouldn’t mind furnishing your home with a smart doorbell system, then you might be pleased to learn that Amazon is currently offering a 47% discount on a certified refurbished Ring Video Doorbell 2 system. As its name implies, this acts as both a doorbell and also a video system, where you’ll be able to see who’s at the door through your smartphone, even if you’re not home.

It can be configured to send users alerts and notifications when motion has been detected or when the bell has been pressed, meaning that even if you’re not home, you’ll still be able to monitor your door. It also works with Amazon’s Echo devices so that you can actually speak to the other person through the intercom system.

We should point out that this is a refurbished system meaning that it isn’t brand new, but since it has been refurbished, it is almost like new. The best part is that it is enjoying a massive discount of 47% which drops its price down from $170 to a very affordable $90.

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