Jul 8th, 2019

The month of June was actually pretty good for HTC. That’s something we don’t hear often. HTC has reported that revenue for June was up 94% month-over-month, totaling NT$1.461 billion (US$46.89 million). The sharp increase in revenue is being attributed to the June launch of the HTC U19e in Taiwan (HTC’s home market) and the bump in sales is expected to continue throughout July with the retail launch of the HTC Desire 19+. 

Despite the month-over-month increase and the fact that June was HTC’s best month since November of 2018, HTC’s year-over-year revenue is down 34%. The main culprit for the decrease is that HTC has yet to release a flagship smartphone in 2019. Rumors have indicated that HTC is planning to release its HTC U12+ successor later in 2019, but we have yet to hear any real details regarding the device besides that it will feature 5G connectivity and could include the same blockchain technology that has been featured on the HTC Exodus phones.

Needless to say, HTC will need a lot more than two good months on the books to turn things around. The company is expected to share its final Q2 numbers next month but based on the reported monthly revenue figures, we’re expecting to see an operating loss of $100 million or more.

We’ve asked this question before, but do you think HTC should throw in the towel or should the company hit the hard reset button and find a way to reestablish itself as a dominant player in the smartphone space?

Source: HTC


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