Huawei claims its Hongmeng OS will be faster than Android

No one really knows for sure what Huawei’s alternative to Android will be like. Will it be something completely brand new, or will it simply be a forked version of Android designed to mimic past generations? That is something we’ll just have to wait and see, but in the meantime, it seems that Huawei’s founder Ren Zhengfei is already touting its usefulness.

Speaking to Chinese media outlet Sina Technology, Ren was quoted as having made claims that the company’s upcoming Hongmeng OS will be faster compared to Google’s Android operating system, where he boasts that it has a processing delay of fewer than five milliseconds. He also claimed that it is faster than Android and oddly enough, Apple’s macOS, even though we’re not sure what the connection is.

In addition to being faster, Ren also claimed that Hongmeng will be more than just a smartphone operating system and that it has broader applications where it could be used for interconnectivity across a variety of devices. This includes network switches, routers, data centers, smart home devices, autonomous vehicles, and more.

This sounds like Huawei is taking advantage of the situation that they are in to try and branch out into doing something new, although whether or not customers will end up liking its Hongmeng OS remains to be seen. That being said, it sounds like despite Huawei now being allowed to do business with US companies again, which includes Google, the company is still forging ahead with its own platform.

Source: Mobile Syrup

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