Why so Many Gamblers are Turning to Mobile Apps


Discover why mobile gambling is increasing year on year and why mobile casino apps and no download instant play options are keeping players entertained for longer.

 Android Mobile Gambling Apps

The rise in popularity of smartphones has also led to more and more gamblers turning to mobile apps. The mobile gambling industry didn’t take off until 2011 when Apple allowed gambling apps for iPhones and iPads to be added to the Apple Store. Google Play followed hot on their heels making gambling apps available to Android users. That doesn’t mean that mobile gambling wasn’t available though. Most online casinos and sportsbooks have mobile compatible sites that are accessible via mobile browsers.

In today’s online gambling world, there are hundreds of apps available for Android users and these are available for all smartphones and tablet devices. You can access everything an online casino or sportsbook offers from the palm of your hand and in some cases, you get more perks and benefits from using your mobile. Some sites have special mobile offers available to customers and you can definitely maximize your odds by taking advantage of a bonus. From free spins to no deposit bonuses, this is a great way to test out a new website risk-free and win real money.

Why Mobile Gambling Is so Appealing

Back in 2017, Statistica polled mobile users around the world and compiled a list of the most popular user activities on both smartphones and tablets. Statistics were as follows.

  • 59% of those polled said that they used their mobiles for email more than anything else.
  • Tablets were used for watching videos and movies.
  • 43% of users used devices for online shopping
  • 36% for online banking
  • 28% for mobile gaming
  • 18% for dating apps
  • 10% of users said they use their mobiles for online gambling and betting
  • 5% use their tablets for online gambling and betting.

They might not seem like big percentages for online gambling, but with more than 2.32 billion people partaking in online gambling and sports betting that works out at more than 2,320,000 people and that is a lot. This number is growing exponentially too.

It should also be noted that the figures listed above are from regular users and these are users that list online gambling as their number one activity on their mobile devices. It doesn’t include people who don’t class mobile gambling as their top activity but enjoy it on occasion.

Advantages to Using Mobile Gambling Apps

There are so many reasons why people prefer mobile gambling and below are the top choices.

  • Convenience: The use of smartphones and tablets continues to rise every year and the number one reason people use their mobile devices for online casinos and sports betting sites is because it’s convenient. They can play and bet at any time and from anywhere.
  • Pass Time: Mobile phones and tablets have removed boredom. Long waits or standing in queues don’t have to be tiresome. You can pull out your phone and study the odds with a mobile sportsbook or play the latest slots or a hand or two of blackjack while you wait on a bus, commute to work, or sit in a waiting room.
  • One Account is all You Need: Access is a big thing today and with online casino accounts and those on sportsbooks as well you can gain access on all devices. All you have to do is log into your account. Unlike brick and mortar establishments, you don’t have to cash out out your winnings every time. You can leave your balance there and play whenever and wherever you like.
  • Wi-Fi Is Everywhere: There was a time when you couldn’t get wi-fi unless you were at home but now it’s everywhere and more and more mobile users have an unlimited data plan as well. You’re nearly always in range of a wi-fi signal no matter where you are too so you can play the latest casino games or bet on the next football match with ease.
  • Mobile Bonuses: Some gambling sites offer special bonuses for mobile users and when you find them you can take advantage of free cash, free spins on slot machines, and even free sports bets just for using your smartphone or tablet.
  • Free Play is an Option: There are plenty of Android games and apps that include casino-style games that you can play for free as well as social casinos but these tend to feature pop-ups and ads and you may find that you only get a certain number of games every day. The top online casinos have free play options available too where you can test out the games they offer and if you’d like to play for real money without any risk you can use no deposit bonuses. You still have to register an account, but you won’t be limited to the amount you can play, and you have the chance to win cash too.
  • Touchscreen: Another big advantage is the ability to use touch and swipe technology. Mobile casino games are optimized for touchscreen use and all the games adjust to suit the size of your screen too. They can be a lot easier to play as well.

Gambling Apps vs Browser in Play

There are a number of gambling apps available for Android users and many online casinos and bookmakers have their own apps available to download. The thing is, they don’t always have to have them. Most gambling sites are optimized for mobile users and if you don’t want to download anything these are the preferred option.

Some casino apps are of a higher quality and may come with more formatting options, but with today’s technology, they really aren’t necessary. You’ll find the mobile-optimized browser in play options just as good as the desktop versions and this leads us to say, where to use an app versus the mobile site is really a matter of personal choice. From a gambling point of view, there isn’t any difference, and both provide the same features – though this is largely down to the casino.

Mobile gambling is growing year on year and there is an 18.84% increase expected in mobile gambling up to 2021. The reason for this is the increased rise in the use of smartphones and companies targeting younger populations. The average age of online gamblers is 35 and younger players are more likely to use their Android smartphones and tablets over a PC or laptop. Online casino operators are offering more choice, software developers are creating branded slots that appeal to a younger demographic, and enhanced technology allows for more features. Live casino games are now available on mobile devices too which means users can enjoy all the action without having to travel hundreds of miles.


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