May 23rd, 2019 publishUpdated   Sep 11th, 2021, 9:25 am

The Honor 20 Pro was unveiled earlier this week in London, but the retail launch date for the phone is up in the air due to the new trade sanctions the U.S. is imposing on Huawei. The issue at hand is that the Honor 20 Pro hasn’t yet received its certification from Google which means that Honor wouldn’t be able to sell the phone in any market which in which the Play Store would be pre-installed on the phone.

Honor should still be able to release the phone in China since the company does not rely on Google Play services for any of the devices that it this in that market.

What’s interesting is that the standard Honor 20 doesn’t seem to be affected by this issue since it has already received certification from Google. This would mean that Honor started the certification process for the Honor 20 before it got things rolling with Google for the Honor 20 Pro.

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While Google initially pulled Huawei’s Android license in an effort to comply with the U.S. trade sanctions against the company, the government has since issues a limited 90-day reprieve to allow Huawei to continue to support devices that are on the market. Unfortunately, we do not know if the postponement of the sanctions will allow the Honor 20 Pro or other new Huawei devices to receive certification within that window as well.

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