Get your Pixel 3a with a bonus $100 Best Buy gift card


The brand new Google Pixel 3a was announced yesterday, and for the price, it seems to be a pretty fantastic device. It makes a few compromises over the full priced Pixel 3, but you get the same camera and almost identical camera performance in a package that starts at just $399.

If you haven’t picked yours up, or you are waiting for something to sweeten the deal, you can now get a $100 gift card with your new device. Best Buy is offering a $100 gift card with an unlocked Pixel 3a or 3a XL in both sizes, while the Google Store has the same offer but it’s $100 credit at the Google Store.

To us, having a Best Buy gift card is a lot more valuable because we’re not limited to Google products. However, the Google Store credit could work better if you want to pick up a new Nest Home Max or the really nice $40 first party case for your new phone.

To get the credit from the Google Store, you need a valid Google account with Google Pay set up. For Best Buy, all you need is an account. Make sure to select “Activate later” when you’re buying and you’ll be able to redeem it after your order goes through. If you want to pick one up, hit the links below to choose your size and color for Best Buy or press here for the Google offer.

Best Buy:

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