Apr 2nd, 2019

Today marks a very sad day for many Gmail users. This is because as Google had previously announced, Inbox by Gmail will be shutting down today. Judging by the comments we’ve read, it seems that many are quite sad that the platform is going away, but we have some (sort of) good news.

A new Chrome extension has been launched on the Chrome Web Store which when installed, will turn your Gmail into Inbox. Unfortunately, these changes are only on the surface but if you do miss the Inbox interface, this will bring it back. This means that all of the features that made Inbox such a beloved platform to begin with will not be part of this theme.

This includes the automatic bundling and categorizing of your emails, especially when it comes to holiday planning, as well as the ability to snooze them. To date we’re not sure why Google has decided to end its experiment with Inbox. As we said, the amount of feedback we’ve seen lamenting the closure of the service suggests that it is loved by many, but then again, perhaps not loved by enough for Google to continue investing their time and resources into it.

At the moment the extension is only supported by Chrome, but according to the developers, they do have plans to eventually bring it onto other platforms such as Firefox and Safari in the future.

Source: Gadgets 360

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