Most popular smartphones among Android enthusiasts: Q1 2019


The first quarter of 2019 has come and gone, leaving us with quite a few new Android smartphones and a lot of anticipation of what’s to come later in the year. Ad we’ve done in the past, we have taken a look at the analytics of the site to figure out which Android smartphones are most popular among our readers. While most people are excited about new smartphones that are coming out, the data we have shows that older devices can still increase in popularity as time goes on. This information gives us insight into which devices people are holding on to the longest, but we can also track how quickly users are shifting to new smartphones as well.

Since our site is geared towards Android enthusiasts and the numbers we are sharing are directly related pulled from reader traffic to our site, we’ll be classifying the demographic of users in this report as “android enthusiasts”. The percentages will likely look a lot different on general tech or mainstream media sites, but we can only report the numbers that we have.

In this report, we are comparing the data from Q1 of 2019 versus Q4 of 2018. This date range comparison is quite important since it shows how the sales around the holiday season impacted the buying decisions of our readers.

Highlights from Q1

  • As usual, Samsung dominates the charts with 6 devices in the top 10
  • Despite a 4.5% decrease from Q4 of 2018 to Q1 of 2019, the Galaxy S8 is still the most popular device
  • Google’s Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL account for 2.4% of all mobile devices
  • The Samsung Galaxy S10+ and Galaxy S10 already showed up on our list depite only being available a few weeks in Q1

Most popular smartphones from Q1, 2019

Q1 2019 Q4 2018 +/- Change

Samsung Galaxy S8

2.98% 3.12% -4.5%
OnePlus 6T 2.9% 0.55% +427.3
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 2.79% 1.98% +40%
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 2.75% 1.31% +109%
Samsung Galaxy S9+ 2.32% 1.73% +34%
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A 1.85% 0.15% +1133%
Samsung Galaxy S8+ 1.73% 1.68% +2.9%
Samsung Galaxy S9 1.69% 1.27% +33%
Google Pixel 2 XL 1.63%


OnePlus 6 1.47% 1.57% -6.3%
Pixel 3 XL 1.32% 0.64% +106%
Samsung Galaxy S10+ 1.23% 0.0%
Pixel 3 1.12% 0.5% +124%
Google Pixel 2 0.86% 1.3% -33%
Samsung Galaxy S10 0.67% 0.0%



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