Samsung Galaxy S10 gets Google Camera port with HDR+


The Google Pixel 3 has an amazing camera, but it’s not because of an amazing sensor. Rather, Google has used some incredible software trickery to get some of the best photos ever to come out of a smartphone. The star of the show is the Google Camera app. This app features Google’s proprietary HDR+ mode, which takes multiple exposures and combines them for some fantastic images.

This app has already been ported to many devices running Snapdragon processors with the Hexagon DSP, and now the Galaxy S10 is getting the same treatment. You can now install the Google Camera app on the device thanks to developer cstark27, who modified the app for the device just like has done with other devices before it.

The difference in the photos isn’t huge, since the stock Galaxy S10 takes some great photos to begin with, but you’ll notice more details in high contrast areas. Photos also seem colder than in the stock app. Thankfully you still have access to both the regular and the ultra wide angle cameras.

However, the biggest feature of the Google Camera app is Night Sight. It blows Samsung’s Bright Night setting out of the water, with more light and detail in the resulting shots. The app is worth it for this feature alone.

Whether this is seen as better by most people is arguable, since it seems that the stock camera app takes more natural looking photos. Sometimes extreme HDR and retaining detail in the darkest of areas is not what makes for a good looking photo. Nonetheless, the app is extremely useful to have around especially for those night shots. Hit the source link for more info and download links, and remember that this will only work on the Snapdragon version of the device!

Source: XDA-Developers

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