Samsung’s Galaxy S10 family is now available across the globe, here are the best deals!


Welcome to Samsung Galaxy S10 day! After the phone’s official unveiling last month, the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+ and S10e are now available in dozens of markets across the globe. So far, the reviews of the new phones have painted them in a positive light and many are claiming that Samsung has delivered three devices which are nearly perfect. We’re still working on our official Samsung Galaxy S10 review, but we’re leaning in that general direction as well.

If you weren’t among the millions who decided to pre-order the phone, today is the day you’re finally able to walk into a store and purchase the Galaxy S10 that’s right for you (we’re pretty partial to the small Galaxy S10e).

Those who don’t want to put on their shoes and get into their car can simply purchase the phones online. We’ve scrounged together the best deals we’ve been able to find, but surprisingly, the prices from third-party retailers and service providers are pretty similar.


Best Buy

Best Buy’s offering a $50 or $100 discounts on their usual prices if you activate your Samsung Galaxy S10 with a service provider at the time of purchase. The prices listed below are with the activation discount.

Best Samsung Galaxy S10 accessories



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Camera and fingerprint update already available for the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+ & S10e

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