Mar 7th, 2019

Motorola has more or less confirmed that they are developing a foldable smartphone of their own, with some reports claiming that it might actually come in the form of the legendary Razr. That speculation was later fueled by patents that were discovered that depicted such a device.

That’s the hardware side of it, but what about the software features that would make Motorola’s foldable device truly unique? The good folks at over XDA Developers have managed to get some details about the upcoming phone from their source and assuming it’s accurate, it sounds like Motorola’s foldable phone will have some pretty cool software features.

For starters, one of the rumored features is how when the device is unfolded, the “closed” part of the display can function as a trackpad which can be used to scroll through websites on Google Chrome, as well as scrolling the app’s timeline. The closed section of the display can also display six Quick Settings tiles that will provide shortcuts to certain settings on your device, but it is unclear if users can scroll to see more or customize these shortcuts further.

Users are also expected to be able to choose different wallpapers from the closed display and the primary display, with additional information such as a clock, pulsing notifications, and also the ability to control media via the external display.

It might seem a little strange that Motorola could be adopting a clamshell design, but then again it’s still too early to tell what the “perfect” design is when it comes to foldable smartphones. Motorola also might not be alone in creating such a device as last we heard, Samsung could have new foldable devices in the works, one of which is rumored to sport a similar clamshell design.

Source: XDA Developers

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