The Galaxy S10 is even harder to repair than the S9, according to iFixit


Samsung devices have notoriously been difficult to repair scoring a relatively disappointing score of 4 out of 10 for the Galaxy S8 and S9. The company seems set on people staying out of their devices and preventing self-repair that sees the Galaxy S10 score an even worse score.

The iFixit score rates a device on its ‘repairability’ and how easy it would be to replace parts without relying on a repair center or the manufacturer. Scoring a 3 out of 10, the S10 proves difficult to repair thanks to a ton of adhesive.

Points are deducted from the S10 as Samsung has soldered the charging port onto the logic board, despite previous models allowing the easy replacement of the part for a low cost. USB Type-C is relatively reliable and durable, but it is still susceptible to going wrong. A repair of the port on an S9 would be a straightforward task, but for the S10 you’ll need a whole new device. In addition, there are no pull tabs on the battery adhesive, making it slightly more difficult to remove the battery, which suggests Samsung really don’t want you poking around.

The S10 features the first ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, which is glued to the display and almost impossible to remove as you can see in JerryRigEverything’s video below. If you experience any problems with the sensor, it will be near impossible to repair without a whole new display.

You can view the full iFixit teardown here.

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