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Customize your smartphone with the Samsung Galaxy S10 wallpapers

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If you’re not planning on ordering a Galaxy S10, S10+, or S10e, then you can still enjoy the wallpapers that will come shipped with the device. Full resolution wallpapers can now be downloaded on your own device and you too can hide the hole-punch.

There were mixed opinions about the hole-punch, some liked it, others didn’t, but Samsung appears to be acutely aware of the mixed opinion and that’s obvious in the design of the wallpapers. You’ll notice the top right of each wallpaper fades into black. That’s not a just a design choice, but a clever tactic to hide the hole-punch and make it seem like it’s not there. Well played, Samsung.

It’s a smart tactic, but really you’re here for the wallpapers. The gallery below shows off what 6 of the Samsung Galaxy S10 wallpapers look like, but you’ll need to click the download link below full resolution (3040 x 3040) files on your device. Be sure to let us know which Samsung Galaxy S10 wallpaper is your favorite in the comments.

Download Samsung Galaxy S10 wallpapers

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