Feb 7th, 2019

Toyota is well known for being behind in the smartphone integration race, but it’s making up for that in style. The manufacturer is introducing Android Auto to its 2020 truck and SUV portfolio, including the Tacoma, Tundra (pictured), 4Runner and Sequoia. At last! You’ll navigate with Google Maps or stream Google Play Music while you’re off-roading, hauling your trailer or sitting in traffic. They will also support Alexa in case you are the kind of driver who needs to order mouthwash on Amazon Prime Now while driving to your next meeting.

The brand isn’t forthcoming with dates, so there is little information on when you’ll find these at your local dealerships, also no pricing has been announced. It is, however, a nice albeit late throwing of a bone to fans of its smaller cars. Android Auto now works with the 2018 and newer model years of the Aygo city car as well as European versions of the 2019 Yaris. It is fair to assume that Toyota vehicles have some kind of phone connectivity built-in — a distinct improvement over what was available just a year ago.

As a fan of Android Auto, I welcome the move to integrate the system into more vehicles at a manufacturing level. The easier it becomes to jump from vehicle to vehicle and between manufacturers the better. What are your thoughts? Do you already have a smart navigation and audio system in your car?

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