Samsung Galaxy S10 dummy model gets the hands-on treatment


The Samsung Galaxy S10 will be unveiled at Samsung’s Unpacked event on the 20th of February. The phone has been leaked so many times in the past that by now, most of you have probably seen it in some shape or form. In case that wasn’t enough and you’d like a more in-depth look at the phone, YouTuber MKBHD is happy to oblige.

The tech YouTuber has recently gotten his hands on a dummy unit of the upcoming phone. We should point out that dummy units are not the real thing and that they are sometimes made by case makers based on rumors and leaked schematics, so they might not always be 100% accurate.

However, MKBHD has in the past “reviewed” similar units that have gone on to prove that they are the real deal, plus the Galaxy S10 unit he’s reviewing also seems to be in line with all the leaks we’ve seen so far, so there’s a good chance it could be pretty accurate.

The video shows off two of the upcoming Galaxy S10 models: the regular Galaxy S10 and the larger Galaxy S10+. The difference in size of both phones lies in its display where the Galaxy S10 is said to sport a 6.1-inch display, versus the Galaxy S10+ which will sport a 6.44-inch display.

Since these are dummy units, they do not turn on so we have no idea what the phone’s UI will look like, and if there are any new software features that we can expect. Needless to say, you should probably take this with a grain of salt for now, but remember to check back with us in the coming weeks for all the official details.

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