OnePlus Assured Upgrade Program guarantees trade-in value in India


OnePlus is thriving in India, and people are looking for an easier way to upgrade to the next device. Selling your old device on the used market isn’t always simple, so OnePlus has introduced a new program to make it seamless in India.

The new OnePlus Assured Upgrade program guarantees the value of your device, with different values depending on how long ago you purchased your device. During the Republic Day sale spanning from January 19 to 27, those who buy a OnePlus 6T from an eligible store can buy the program for ₹199, or a little under $3 USD.

If you upgrade to a different device within 3-5 months, your device will be worth 70% of its original value. The same goes for 6-8 months (55%) and 9-12 months (40%). While this only applies to OnePlus devices in participating stores, this may apply to other devices if purchased from

Past the sale, there’s no info if this upgrade program will still be around. It also doesn’t apply to current owners. You’ll also need to keep the original box and accessories for the device to be eligible.

If you like upgrading your device often, this cheap plan sounds like a great deal if you don’t want to hassle with selling the device yourself. That being said, you’ll probably get a bit more for your device if you choose to sell it on your own.

Source: OnePlus Via: XDA-Developers

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