Alpine announces new Android Auto head unit with 9-inch display


These days it’s becoming a lot more common to see carmakers offer its customers options to include more modern infotainment systems in their cars, such as Android Auto or CarPlay. However since buying a new car doesn’t happen quite as frequently as buying a new phone or computer, not all of us have such systems in our cars.

This is where aftermarket solutions come into play, and at CES 2019, Alpine has announced the latest in their lineup of CarPlay/Android Auto head units with the Alpine Halo9 iLX-F259. This is the company’s latest Halo9 head unit with a 9-inch display, which while not quite as big as what we’re seeing in Tesla’s cars, is one of the bigger models around as far as Android Auto head units are concerned.

According to Alpine, the Halo9 iLX-F259 will feature a mech-less design which means that it does away with the CD/DVD slot. It also uses a 1-DIN chassis for installation and features a “hovering” screen. What this means is that users will be able to install the head unit into their cars with relative ease as it does not require a customized cutout or bracket in order to be fitted.

The unit can also be tilted at four different pre-set angles for optimal viewing. Other features include Bluetooth connectivity that will allow users to stream audio through it and is also SiriusXM-Ready. There will be additional ports like a USB port and an AUX input port that lets you connect more devices. There will also be a single universal rear camera input port.

If this sounds like something you wouldn’t mind decking your car out with, then the Alpine Halo iLX-F259 will be shipping this March and it will be priced at $800.

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