Jan 5th, 2019 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 1:53 pm

The prices of our smartphones have gone up quite a bit since the early days. Whether this is due to companies looking to squeeze out a larger profit margin to satisfy investors, inflation and foreign exchange rates, or due to the cost of technology, we cannot say for sure.

Unfortunately, if you were eyeing the upcoming Nokia 9 PureView and are thinking about making it your next smartphone, don’t expect it to be particularly affordable. A tweet by @Nokia_Leaks has revealed the potential price of the handset to be between 749-799 euros, depending on the market it is launched in.

To put this price into context, other flagship Android handsets from 2018, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is being sold for 999 euros, while the Google Pixel 3 is going for 849 euros. This does make the Nokia 9 PureView cheaper than the competition, although we wouldn’t necessarily say it is by a huge margin.

There’s a possibility that the penta-lens setup on the back could have caused the costs of the phone to rise, but since we don’t know how much HMD pays for their components, it’s hard to say.

In the meantime, the same the Nokia 9 PureView’s successor is rumored to feature a Snapdragon 855 chipset and support for 5G could arrive in the later part of the year. Assuming these prices are accurate, we wouldn’t be surprised if its successor could be priced even higher.

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