Flame Red HTC U12+ finally added to HTC’s lineup


When the HTC I12+ was unveiled a few months back, HTC announced three distinct colors: Translucent Blue, Ceramic Black and Flame Red. The Translucent Blue color option was unique, giving us a subtle glimpse inside the phone, but Flame Red was the true show stopper. Unfortunately, the color option wasn’t available when the phone hit the market, leaving potential buyers only two color options. Fortunately, HTC has come to its senses and has chosen to release the HTC U12+ in Flame Red. The phone is up for pre-order on HTC’s website for $799 (the same price as the other HTC U12+ color options) in the US and €799 over in Europe, but you’ll have to wait until September for the phone to ship.

The HTC U12+ is one of my favorite devices of 2018. Its dual-camera systems on the front and back of the phone are absolutely phenomenal and there’s no denying that the phone’s design is a breath of fresh air since its one of the only device that hasn’t embraced the notch. If you’re not sure if the HTC u12+ is the right fit for you, check out my full review video below.



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