You can now pre-order LG’s ThinQ Smart Display and smart speaker


At CES 2018, we saw a bunch of new smart speakers, including some that featured built-in displays. LG was one of the companies leading the charge, as it announced the ThinQ WK9 and ThinQ WK7.

Both speakers are powered by Google Assistant, but the WK9 features an 8-inch touch display, along with a front-facing camera. The WK9 also has a Chromecast built-in, meaning that you can Cast content from your various devices to this smart speaker.

As for the WK7, this is more of a standard smart speaker, although it is capable of hi-res audio playback. There is also a Chromecast built into the WK7, so you can easily cast your favorite music from your various devices.

When these smart speakers were announced, LG did not reveal pricing or availability information. Thanks to the folks at B&H Photo, we now know that the WK9 (with display) is priced at $296.99, and the WK7 speaker is priced at $196.99.

One could think that these would just be placeholder prices, but you can actually pre-order both speakers today. I don’t know about you, but paying almost $300 for a smart speaker with a tiny display is a bit absurd.

The $200 for the WK7 makes a bit (just a tiny bit) more sense, if you consider that this has hi-res audio capabilities. Think of this as another version of the Google Home Max, and not as just a regular Google Home.

Unfortunately, there is no mention of a solid release date, so you’ll be left hanging a bit if you decide to pull the trigger on this one. If you want to learn more information, hit the button below and let us know what you think about these smart speakers.

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