Here’s the best DJI Mavic Pro deal you’re going to find


The DJI Mavic Pro is normally a pricey investment at a whopping $1,000 to get in on the ground floor, but if you’re ready to take the plunge then you’ll want to do so today. Amazon has the drone for just $769, the lowest we’ve ever seen it.

Note that this price only applies to the base package, which nets you the drone itself, its controller, a 16GB memory card, the battery, and the charger. The Fly More bundle is also discounted to $1,078, though, and comes with a nice carrying backpack, 2 extra batteries, 2 extra propellers, a charging hub, a car charger, and a portable power bank adapter.

The bag and extra battery stuff alone may be worth the cost of admission there, as it’ll be quite a bit more expensive to get all that stuff separately.

As usual, we don’t know how long this deal will be around, so you’d best get the ball rolling on ordering one if you’ve been waiting for a price this good. Hit the link ahead to check it out!

Buy the DJI Mavic Pro at Amazon

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