Android P could bring enhanced call-blocking feature


Call blocking is extremely important feature to have when dealing with unwanted callers. Whether it’s creditors, spam, or an old flame, the tools to block individuals varies according to the specific manufacturer version of Android you have on your device, even carrier model you’re using.

When it comes to “stock Android,” call blocking is a core feature executed by entering a specific number into a menu and that’s it. It’s extremely limited and it’s been that way for countless Android versions but it looks like Google has plans to change this in future versions of Android.

The boys at XDA uncovered some new code commits inside AOSP and found some “enhanced call blocking functions.” The strings show a variety of ways to block numbers — not only be manually entering a phone number — but also by choosing a specific contact, private and unknown callers, or even those made from a payphone (those still exist?). Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • The phone number is not in your contacts list
  • The phone number is not disclosed by the caller (Private)
  • The phone number is from a pay phone
  • The phone number does not have any caller ID information (Unknown/Unidentified)

Unsurprisingly, it seems these new call blocking features can be disabled by your carrier which means, once again, they could vary by manufacturer and/or carrier. The good news is you should still be able to find them on unlocked devices, especially those running more stock versions of Android, like this year’s Google Pixel 3.

With rumors that Google could begin rolling out the Android P Developer Preview 1 as early as March, you may not have to wait for long to see this and other new features arrive on your Nexus or Pixel device.

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