Alleged OnePlus 6 leak features a iPhone X-like notch and glass back


If OnePlus follows their usual release schedule, we’re still a good few months away before the OnePlus 6 is even announced with an actual launch date sometime in June. So far there hasn’t really been anything even rumored about the phone, the OnePlus 5T and its limited edition colors are still fresh in our minds. Then, out of nowhere, alleged photos of the phone have now hit the ground running.

We should warn you, the photos appearing on IT Home — after being pulled on Weibo — are extremely suspect. They show a device that’s allegedly the OnePlus 6 and featuring a new glass back (which is all the rage these days for whatever reason), a squircle fingerprint sensor, and vertically arranged dual camera setup. The OnePlus logo is emblazoned across the back and for the most part, everything looks legit.

Flipping the phone over and you can see a new nearly bezel-less display with iPhone X-like notch at the top. The screen UI shows some of the software information, with the phone running Android 8.1. This is where things start to look a little shoppy, but it’s a tough call to make.


via Slashleaks

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