Apple’s iCloud confirmed to be powered by Google’s Cloud Services


While it may seem like Apple’s biggest competition comes from Samsung, Google is still hanging around and has been gaining steam over the last few years. However, even companies as big as Apple and Google have to look elsewhere from time to time in order to provide customers with a better experience.

We’ve seen this with Google’s recent acquisition of a portion of HTC”s division for its Pixel lineup of devices, and Apple outsourced its iPhone X display needs to Samsung. It seems that Apple’s outsourcing isn’t done yet, as it was revealed that the company makes use of the Google Cloud Platform for iCloud storage.

This is a new change and one that has replaced the old guard of using Amazon’s S3 services alongside Microsoft Azure. However, those days are gone as the iOS Security Guide has been updated with new language confirming Google’s involvement.

For those wondering, just because iCloud’s infrastructure takes advantage of Google’s Cloud Services, this doesn’t just mean that Google has access to all of the information. In fact, Apple is quick to confirm that while there is encrypted information on GCS, there is no ‘user-identifying information’ available in the cloud.

This move is not all that surprising, as Google continues to build up its cloud storage capabilities. And with Apple not looking to join the cloud infrastructure “game”, the company will continue looking for the best option for its users. This time around, it just seems that Google is here to benefit and offer exactly what Apple needs. Sometimes it’s nice to see two giants of the industry working together, instead of being entrenched in a mythical war.


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