Here’s the Nokia 7 Plus with its 18:9 display


The Nokia 7 Plus has been rumored to be the first with an 18:9 display. While we didn’t necessarily need a shot of the thing to visualize what that may look like, it’s always nice seeing it in the flesh.

That’s why we perked up when we saw this purported image of the device leaking on Chinese social media. As you can tell, the device has near-zero bezels on the left and right sides. There are still some love handles on the top and bottom, but they’re not so unsightly that we wouldn’t want to carry one.

Elsewhere, the Nokia 7 Plus promises a dual camera sensor with the power of Carl Zeiss behind it. It’ll have 12MP and 13MP sensors, one of which will be used for true 2X zoom.

Other expected specs include its 16MP front camera, a Snapdragon 660 chipset, 4GTB of RAM, 64GB of storage, USB-C, microSD support, and a quick charging battery of unknown capacity. Android 8.0 Oreo will be running things as far as software is concerned. Look out for more details once HMD takes to Mobile World Congress later this month.

via Baidu

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