New OnePlus 5/5T beta brings iPhone X-like gesture controls, removes controversial Clipboard app


The OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T are receiving yet another Open Beta update, the second one to rollout this month. The update features small but important bug fixes, along with a few interesting goodies tucked away inside.

The first important change is OnePlus removing that controversial Clipboard app. A few weeks back OnePlus came under fire after the included Clipboard app was inadvertently sending user data to Chinese servers. A remnant from the Chinese version of OnePlus’ software, they promised to remove the app in a future update. True to their word, the app is now gone.

Now the real fun comes by way of iPhone X style gesture controls. When choosing to hide the navigation buttons (a feature found in OxygenOS), users can now swipe to go home or activate recents. According to one tester on Reddit, the gestures are smooth and work well but he was having trouble getting the back gesture to activate consistently.

Anyone with an iPhone X knows that gestures can take many attempts to master before they become muscle memory. While navigation gestures hasn’t been added to Android proper, we’re wondering if this could be the beginning of the end for the big black bar. The navigation bar’s days could be numbered.

via OnePlus

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